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Discover Magic-Oakbrook Terrace, your destination for expert nail services. Our team ensures a clean, inviting atmosphere to enhance your beauty and confidence.

Includes nail trimming, shaping, buffing, cuticle grooming, massage with warm lotion, hot towel, and then finished with regular polish.

Includes a basic manicure followed by a sugar scrub, moisturize with the richest emollient lotion, paraffin treatment, hot towel, then finish with regular polish.

Also known as “No chip Manicure,” which includes a basic manicure and is finished with gel polish. This product is easy, durable on natural nails, lasting up to 2 weeks.

Our Vision Created

In the heart of Oakbrook Terrace, we dreamed of a space that wasn’t just about nails, but about the mesmerizing transformation that happens when art and imagination converge. Magic Nails Salon was manifested from this dream, creating an oasis where beauty transcends the ordinary. With every brush stroke and every meticulous detail, we weave a little bit of magic, offering an experience that’s more than just a service—it’s a momentary escape into a world where beauty knows no bounds.

A Style for Everyone

Nails tell a story. Whether it’s a classic tale of elegance, a bold declaration of spirit, or an intricate narrative of fantasy, we at Magic Nails Salon are the storytellers. With an expansive palette of shades, unmatched artistic flair, and a keen understanding of the latest trends, we curate styles that resonate with every soul. Every individual is unique, and we pride ourselves on recognizing and celebrating that individuality. No matter your mood, occasion, or style preference, walk into Magic Nails Salon, and leave with a story beautifully etched on your fingertips.

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